film festivals

FLEURANCE FILM FESTIVALThursday 11th August 2022 at 5.30pm.

The film festival is part of FLEURANCE ASTRONOMY FESTIVAL, a major event in astronomy and science in France living its 32nd edition in 2022.
FLEURANCE FILM FESTIVAL is not only focused on astronomy but on films with science interest.

Golden Harvest: 28 February 2021

GOLDEN HARVEST FILM FESTIVAL is an online film awarding ceremony dedicated to the promotion of independent filmmakers from all over the world, in association with the International Film Festival Community (IFFC) established in Tokyo in 2020 under this COVID-19 paradigm shift. More:

DOCfeed: 15 February 2020 19.00

DOCfeed’s film programme consists of roughly 80 titles, both international and national, both by starting and renowned filmmakers. In addition there are also plenty of introductionary talks, Q & A’s, master classes, discussions, expositions and some good music. Connect, discuss, agree, be surprised and experience the documentaries that you can only see first at DOCfeed. See the most moving documentaries and talk with the filmmakers, closely examine the main character and question the director. More: